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Ac rent in Kolkata is an effective step for summer months to relieve heat. Kolkata is a energetic capital of West Bengal, is known for its rich culture, delectable cuisine, and, of course, its sweltering summers. With temperatures soaring to uncomfortable levels during the summer months and for relief from the heat, air conditioners become an essential part of life for many residents. However,  But buying a new air conditioner can be expensive, so renting seems like a better choice.

AC on Rent Kolkata

Why should we Choose an AC on Rent Kolkata?

Renting an air conditioner offers several advantages over purchasing one, particularly in Kolkata’s seasonal climate:

Cost-Effective Solution

Renting an AC is a more economical option, especially for short-term needs or individuals who move frequently. You can avoid the expensive cost of purchasing a new AC and save money and maintenance expenses.

Flexible Options

Rental services provide a variety of AC units to choose from, including window ACs, split ACs, and even portable ACs, allowing you to select the most suitable option for your space and requirements.

Hassle-Free Installation and Maintenance

Rental companies typically handle installation and maintenance, saving you the time and effort of managing these tasks yourself and also save your time.

Peace of Mind

You can avoid the tension for AC issues like maintenance, installation etc, for renting an air conditioning unit from a reliable supplier guarantees that the equipment is properly maintained and operates efficiently.You can also rely on the company’s support for any issues that may arise.

How to Rent the Right AC on Rent

When renting an AC in Kolkata, consider the following factors:

Cooling Capacity

Figure out how much cooling space will be needed. This is dependent upon the size, quantity, and insulation of the room and budgets. 

Type of AC

There are many types of ACs you can choose between window ACs, split ACs, or portable ACs based on your preferences, installation requirements, and space constraints.

Energy Efficiency

Option for energy-efficient models to save on electricity costs. Look for ACs with high EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings.

Brand and Features

Consider the reputation and reliability of the AC brand. Choose units with features like auto cooling, sleep mode, and dehumidification if needed.

Rental Duration and Terms

Clarify the rental duration, rental fees, and any additional charges, such as installation and maintenance costs.

Top Air Conditioner Rental Services in Kolkata

Several reputable companies provide AC rental services in Kolkata, the most trusted options:

Rentsewa: RentSewa is a trusted online platform where you can Rent AC in Kolkata. Rentsewa provides all types of AC on Rent at an affordable price.Rentsewa not only provides AC on Rent but also provides various electronics items on rent.

Additional Tips for Renting an Air Conditioner in Kolkata

Compare Prices and Services

Research different rental providers and compare their prices, terms, and customer reviews.

Schedule Installation in Advance

Book the AC installation in advance to ensure timely service, especially during peak seasons.

Maintain Proper Usage

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal AC performance and energy efficiency.

Promptly Address Issues

Report any malfunctions or concerns to the rental company promptly for timely resolution.

Consider Long-Term Rental for Extended Use

If you plan to use an AC for an extended period, consider long-term rental options to save on costs.

With careful consideration and the right rental service, you can beat the heat of Kolkata and enjoy comfortable temperatures without the burden of owning an AC.Renting an AC can be a cost-effective, flexible, and hassle-free way to stay cool during the hot and humid months.


AC on rent Kolkata has become a popular choice for many residents, especially during the summer months. By renting an AC, you can enjoy the benefits of cool and comfortable surroundings without the effective cost and maintenance responsibilities of purchasing a new AC. With a wide range of rental companies and AC options available, you can find the perfect solution for your needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of air conditioners can I rent from Rentsewa in Kolkata?

We offer a variety of air conditioners for rent, including window ACs, split ACs, and portable ACs. You can choose the type that best suits your needs.

How can I book an AC on rent with Rentsewa?

Booking an AC with Rentsewa is easy! Simply visit our website, browse through our available options, and follow the straightforward booking process. You can also reach out to our customer support for assistance.

What is the rental duration for air conditioners?

We offer flexible rental durations to cater to your specific requirements. You can rent an AC for a day, a week, a month, or even longer based on your needs.

Is there any delivery and installation service included in the rental package?

Yes, Rentsewa provides free delivery and installation of the rented AC at your preferred location in Kolkata. Our team will ensure the unit is set up and running smoothly.

Can I extend the rental period if needed?

Absolutely! If you find that you need the AC for a longer duration than initially planned, you can easily extend the rental period. Just get in touch with our customer support, and we will assist you with the extension process.

Are there any hidden charges or security deposits?

No hidden charges! We believe in transparent pricing. While a security deposit may be required, it is refundable upon the return of the rented AC in good condition.

What if the rented AC develops issues during the rental period?

Our team at Rentsewa is committed to providing hassle-free service. In case of any issues, contact our customer support, and we will promptly address and resolve the problem or provide a replacement unit if necessary.

Can I rent multiple air conditioners for an event or special occasion?

Absolutely! Whether it’s a small gathering or a large event, Rentsewa can cater to your cooling needs. Contact us in advance with your requirements, and we’ll ensure you have the right number of AC units for your event.

Can I cancel my AC rental booking?

Yes, you can cancel your booking, but please check our cancellation policy for details. Depending on the timing of the cancellation, there may be applicable charges.

How do I return the rented AC at the end of the rental period?

Returning the rented AC is hassle-free. Simply contact our team, and we will schedule a convenient time for pick-up. Ensure the AC is in the same condition as when delivered to receive your security deposit refund promptly.

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