Affordable DSLR Camera on Rent in Chennai

Today the modern generation is indulging in the latest technology. They want to use the latest technology when the technology arrives in the market. 

Most people are engaged in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Where they are uploading their best images. And some people make YouTube their profession. 

For capturing the best photo everyone requires the best camera. So many of them want to buy a costly camera like DSLR, etc, and mobile phones like iPhones, etc. For taking the best photos and making the best videos. But buying is not possible for everyone. They do not have that much budget.

So you can take a DSLR Camera on Rent in Chennai. This will not disturb your budget. On taking a camera on rent you will find a camera with other required equipment that is required by the industries and the personnel professionals.

DSLR Camera on Rent in Chennai

Different products and services that are provided by camera rentals

Some different products and services are required by the people who are taking a camera on hire.


Different brands of cameras are provided for commercial as well as personal requirements. The best quality cameras are provided. DSLR Camera on Rent in Chennai is the most required camera in Chennai.


Good quality lenses are provided which are helpful to professional photographers and cinematographers. The lens of the camera determines the quality of the image. Here are some different types of lenses that you can hire.

Fisheye lens

The focal length of this lens is 4mm – 14mm. It is used for abstract, creative, etc.

Wide angle lens

The focal length of this lens is 14mm – 35mm. It is used for landscape, architecture, etc,.

Standard lens

The focal length of this lens is 35mm – 85mm. It is used for street, travel, portrait, etc.

Short telephoto lens

The focal length of this lens is 85mm – 135mm. It is used for street photography, portraits, etc.

Medium telephoto lens

  The focal length of this lens is 135mm+. It is used for sport, wildlife, action, etc.

Super telephoto lens

The focal length of this lens is 300mm+. It is used for sports from a distance, nature, astronomy, etc.

Macro lens

Focal length of this lens is 35mm – 200mm. It is used for close-up shots.


Different accessories are required for personnel and professional shooting. This will enhance the quality of the images and videos. Different types of equipment like trolleys, rack trolleys, and other equipment are required to improve the shooting experience.

Audio Equipment.

The excellent audio quality of the video is required by professional photographers and it is also essential that the audio matches the quality of the video. Different audio equipment like mics and recorders are required.

Some popular cameras with features that are available for DSLR Camera.

There are different varieties of cameras, but here we are providing you with a description of some popular cameras that are available for hire. Apart from these cameras, there are more cameras that are provided for rent by different vendors.

Panasonic AU-Eva1 Compact 5.7k

Various features of this camera are.

  • It has a single super 35mm MOS sensor.
  • It has an interchangeable stainless steel Pl mount.
  • It has an EF adapter.
  • It has a 3.5 LCD control panel.
  • It has 14 14-stop dynamic range with a vlog.
  • It can record 4k up to 60fps, and 2K/HD Up to 240 fps.

Sony PXW-FS7 XD CAM Super 35 Camcorder.

Various features of this camera are.

  • It is a lightweight camera and has a big performance.
  • It has a super 35-sized CMOS sensor.
  • It can record 4096*2160 via an external recorder.
  • It has dual XQD memory card slots.
  • It has ergonomic handgrip and camera controls.

Panasonic AU-EVA1 Compact 5.7k.

Various features of this camera are.

  • It is a 5.7k super 35mm cinema camera.
  • It has a super 35mm 5.7 sensor.
  • It has an EF lens mount.
  • It can capture V-log and V-gamut.
  • It can record 4k up to 60fps and 2k up to 240 fps.
  • It has an HDI and HDMI Output.

Canon Eos C500.

Various features of this camera are.

  • It has a super 35mm 4k CMOS image sensor.
  • It gives 4K RAW (4096*2160) Output.
  • It has EF lens mounts for broad compatibility.
  • It records 10-bit 4k RAW at up to 60p and 10-bit 4k half RAW at up to 120p.
  • It has 2x 3G -SDI Outputs.


In the present time, everyone wants to want to use the latest camera. For personal and professional photography they require different types of cameras. Different types of cameras and their different type of lenses are used for functions, events, etc. So buying a camera for every function is not possible for every photographer. So everyone thinking about alternate ideas. 

However, the best idea that came to the mind of the photographer is that they have to rent a camera. The above information will help beginners and professionals to rent a camera. Rentsewa is the best rental platform where different vendors are registered, they will provide you with the best and most affordable DSLR Camera on Rent in Chennai.

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